The Original Switchblade

Developed for Kiteboarding, the Switchblade is an external snowboard edge enabling you to ride any surface from mirrored ice, to powder.

Black Ice

Using the Switchblade on black Ice is a very smooth fast ride. Having that extra grip is crucial for leaning back in your harness and riding upwind

Patchy Snow

The Switchblade holds that solid edge through the patchy inconsistent snow that builds on ice making these conditions much more managable

Light Snow

A loose layer of snow gives the Switchblade a more snowboard feel while still having a reliable edge that won't slip out while riding or carving


Mount a second blade to your board. Having a toeside blade allows fluid rail to rail carves and transitions


Ice conditions are always dicey with a snowboard. I invested in a Switchblade years ago and it's a huge session saver. Was out today and had a blast."

John D

The feel of riding the Switchblade came instinctively and quick. It handled the transition from ice to snow very well regardless of what speed you hit it. This is a great device."

Mike B

I'm on my first winter with a Switchblade after using a regular snowboard on frozen lakes. It has opened up my riding options beyond good snow cover."

Dee E

The Switchblade works wonders, I’ve been using it for many years. A very usable piece of workmanship for snowboard kiting on winter ice. Easy to install and user friendly in all conditions. Under the perfect conditions there is very little more exciting and exhilarating."

Roland R

I put a Switchblade on my board and it's awesome! Never lose an edge when you hit the icy spots! I haven't used the sharpener and the blade has plenty of edge after 2 seasons."

Scott B